PAR30 LED Bulb 10 Watts Dimmable Long-Neck (75W Equiv) 750 Lumens

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SKU :                                   LEDLEDH1000036816
Case Quantity :                        1
Warranty :                                5 Year
Brand:                                   LumeGen
Manufacturer Part Number:    Surface Mounted Coun

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This LED PAR bulb from Topaz is the replacement for a 75W incandescent light bulb. This 10W LED emits more lumens using less energy, meaning you will be able to experience 65 Watts in savings on energy use throughout the years.

With its long lifespan, this bulb will last up to 15x longer than traditional incandescent or halogen PAR bulbs. Able to be used in a variety of indoor and outdoor settings, including track lighting in galleries, restaurants, stores, and hotels.

Diameter: 10 W

Watt Equivalent: 75 Watt

Lumens Per Watt: 75 lm/W

Wattage: 2x2 - 40W, 2x4 - 80W

Lumens: 115lm/W

Certification: UL

Waterproofing: IP41